Who We Are…

Minority Atheists of MI (M.A.M) is a collective of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures who meet regularly to promote logic, reason and offer support. 

In addition to discussing current events that impact our lives as Minority Atheists, M.A.M. also serves as solace for individuals who:  may be newly out as an Atheist, are struggling because they’re unable to come out as an Atheist, is experiencing isolation from loved ones (due to recent exodus from major religion such as Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim, Mormon etc), or you may feel rejected because others do not understand your path.  Being out as an Atheist is NOT a mandate.  Join us at our meetups, and receive support-wherever you are in your life.


M.A.M’s objectives are:

  • To provide a haven of support to minorities atheists (or those questioning)
  • Share experiences with like-minded individuals
  • Bridge the gap between minority and non-minority atheists
  • Network and sponsor non-believing groups.
  • Increase our visibility in Michigan and beyond.

M.A.M is open to all all minorities (and minority friendly individuals), including, but not limited to racial minorities (Black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern etc), LGBTQ, women, disabled citizens.  Let’s diminish our online lives and develop our offline lives…together!  Join our meetup  and like us on FB!






  1. Good to see freethinking minorities in Michigan coming out!! We are a minority freethought apparel company. Mandisa Thomas told us about your group, again good to see you coming out.

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