Jose Ramirez: Killed for being Atheist

This story is shockingly sad and deplorable.  I thought there was a code of honor among soldiers that surpassed personal differences??  Obviously not the case with Jose Ramirez who was an Army  soldier who went missing for 7+ years.  Sadly, it was discovered via an anonymous tip that Jose was killed by a former friend, Justin Green-because Jose was not a believer in god.  Shockingly, Justin crime was covered up by his mother, sister and another accomplice. smh

Read on:

On Tuesday, The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said human remains found in a shallow grave in rural North Texas are those of missing U.S. Army soldier Spc. Jose Ramirez, of El Centro, California. The remains were found early last month outside a home near Petrolia, just south of the Texas-Oklahoma border. Authorities were called to the home after an anonymous tipster contacted them about an unsolved murder.

Jose Ramirez’s killer, Justin Green

Ramirez went missing from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, more than seven years ago. A former friend of Ramirez’s, 30-year-old Justin Green, was charged with the murder in February. Three others, including Green’s mother and sister, also face charges related to helping clean up the crime scene and hide the body.

A criminal complaint against the group, obtained by Raw Story on Thursday, shows that Green’s sister believes he killed Ramirez “because Ramirez did not believe in God.”

The tipster that helped authorities break this missing person turned murder case said the alleged killer, Justin Green, described Ramirez as “a hateful man” because he “did not believe in the Lord.”

Thankfully, being killed for being an atheist is not a common occurrence in America. However, the fact that an individual could be killed for being an atheist, and the additional fact that a group of people would condone and help cover-up such a heinous crime, points to a larger, systematic problem.

The fact is atheists, freethinkers, and other non-theists in America face abuse, discrimination and marginalization on a regular basis. Those atheists brave enough to come out of the closet and speak their truth take a personal and professional risk. This story is a sad commentary on contemporary American society, and flies in the face of the secular vision upon which this nation was founded. source

I hope to follow this court case, I wonder how many will justify fatal friend Justin Green’s heinous act?  What are your thoughts??

UPDATE:  I couldn’t shake this story from my mind, so I did a little more research.  I have just learned this senseless act will NOT be pursued as a hate crime according to the Prosecutor.  WHY isn’t the being prosecuted as a hate crime?? Here’s the answer:

… contacted the District Attorney covering the case and asked about the applicability of the James Byrd Hate Crimes Act of 2001. He said that the Act specifically excludes 1st-degree murder. He said the function of the Act is to “ratchet-up” the potential penalties, but that is irrelevant for 1st degree murder, so applying hate crimes charges would have no practical effect.

This story is reminiscent of Larry Hooper,  an Atheist who was killed by his roommate.  On the phone with Taylor (MI) police department, Cooper’s murderer Arthur Shelton referred to Larry Hooper as ‘the devil himself-all the while boasting he’s a Christian and Eagle Scout.  Ha!  Shelton was sentenced to 25-45 years in prison.  As each day passes by I’m convinced, America is peddling backwards instead of forwards.  Click the link and scroll to the bottom for another update>>Rock Beyond Belief


    1. When Americans talk about Beirut, Iraq being savages-just pick up the local newspaper and read about AMERICAN SAVAGERY! SMH

  1. The so called “love” of a christian strikes again. This is beyond sad. I hope there is justice served for this family. But we must remember this is the bible belt were talking about. :-(

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