Black Folk Don’t Do Atheism…oh really??

Recently, I was tagged on Facebook.  Included in the tag was a video that is bringin out  the black atheist community in full force.  It seems there’s a sample of African Americans who believe the stereotype ‘Atheism is for white people.’  In 2012, this knowledge or lack thereof is befuddling.  Don’t believe me? Well, why don’t you view it for yourself! This is definitely one of those ‘you have to see it in order to believe it’ type situations!

Good, bad, indifferent-the video is most certainly generating dialogue.  It’s bringing out Atheists of all colors to do away with ignoranct stereotypes.  I will give the  video credit-they did find one young man who identified as an Atheist.  But since the title referenced the community in a plural manner-it would’ve been nice to see more than one black Atheist interviewed.

Regardless of color, creed, nationality, etc-what are YOUR thoughts after viewing this video?


  1. Black people stand supreme in spite of the terrible trials that they have endured. Black people are strong enough to stand alone and say we did it the best way we could. Black people can learn to believe in themselves as a driving force of humanity. Persecution and evil can be overcome and the methods to do this have no need of a God. Black people have suffered so much repression and do not need a repressive faith for support.

    1. Cliff, if only the community truly had COURAGE to believe there is no need for belief in deities of ANY kind!! Freedom, indeed!

      1. I believe courage is in abundance within black communities but so is superstition. Over history they have had to flock together for their own survival. Community gospel singing is a euphoric that everybody enjoys the camaraderie it generates is a strong bond indeed. The preachers are quite another matter. These spiritual cheer leaders use every trick in the evil book to take advantage of people who haven’t quite got the confidence to let it go.

  2. The slave trade was largely justified by its advocates and the slave-owners claiming that they were brings black people to God or Jesus. The slaves were indoctrinated by force.

    Their new found religion provided a comfort for a condition that it justified and, therefore, partially actualized. Any religion would have provided comfort but that comfort could have made the slaves as complacent as one can be as a slave. In other words, without religion, the sense of urgency to break free would not have been watered-down.

    Also, The United States abolished slavery 31 years after the UK did. The reason why is that both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible endorse slavery and the confederacy leaned on the fact.

    1. Matthew has illustrated the essence of a repressive faith and how it still exerts a mental hold over people. Fear and religion is marriage based on heaven and it is very sad to observe it.

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