Youth & Morality: Doing Right by Family…

If you questioned the 40 years and older population on what morality means to them, you’d most likely receive a response that included the Bible as being their moral compass.  Not so, concerning today’s youth. In Britain, BBC (‘commissioned by BBC Religion and Ethics’ with the assistance of TNS BMRB) a poll of almost 600 youth aged 16-24.  The results were surprising (that may be because I live in America), please note: italics and bold font were added by MAM for emphasis:

Four per cent listed practising a religion as the most important moral issue, the same percentage as said paying taxes.

When asked for the least important issue, religion came out on top with a third of respondents citing it.

New figures from the British Social Attitudes survey – published alongside the poll – suggest that about half of Britons as a whole have a religious affiliation, sharply down from 20 years ago when it was two-thirds.

Barely a quarter of young people now identify themselves as religious.

Of the eight moral issues, the poll found:

  • 59% of those questioned said looking after their family was most important
  • 12% said it was putting others first
  • 8% cited being faithful to a partner
  • 5% listed caring for the environment
  • 4% cited having religious faith
  • 4% felt paying taxes was most important
  • 4% said playing a part in the local community
  • 1% listed buying ethical products

Had this poll been conducted in the U.S., I wonder how the results would’ve compared.  America is considered one of (if not THE) most religious industrialized country.  The christian holy book, the bible, says according to book of Matthew:

Matthew 10:37 “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me;

Well Jesus, the youth of Britain has said differently and we agree!!

What are your thoughts on this poll?

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