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I'm a proud African American Lesbian Atheist who founded the meetup group, Minority Atheists of MI. I was a featured guest on Michigan Atheists cable show, Speak Up Atheists. My deconversion story is included in Author Dr. Darrell Smith's book, BlackNones. Additionally, I'm a member of the National Atheist Party-serving on the Diversity Council. It is my goal to network with other minority organization leaders across the USA in order to provide a voice for the diverse Atheist population. It's time to bridge the gap between the minority and non-minority Atheists.

Zimmerman: Trayvon’s death was “God’s plan” (Reposted from Godless in Detroit)

Last Saturday, the African American community was shocked and rocked by the jury verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.  Continue reading

Thank You, Alton Lemon…

Yesterday, I received an email from CFI (Center For Inquiry) entitled: Thank You, Alton Lemon (1928-2013).  I’m so glad I popped open the email.  Alton Lemon was a civil rights activist who objected to state aid to religious schools.  This objection lead to a Supreme Court decision, (Lemon v. Kurtzman) in 1971.  I’m saddened that I learned of this awesome man AFTER he passed away from Alzheimer’s disease on May 4th.  Continue reading

It’s Official!! It’s ‘A’ Week!!

It’s that time again!! ,  IT’S ‘A’ WEEK!!!!  What’s ‘A’ Week about, you ask?  Great question-it’s an annual online event that raises awareness to show just how many people are ‘good without gods.’ Continue reading


The Odawa Indian Tribe of MI has gone where overall the state REFUSES to go…making same sex marriage-LEGAL!  The happy couple exchanged nuptials with each other yesterday…and it’s been a long time waiting! Continue reading

Atheist Discrimination Suit in MI: SETTLED!!

Two years ago on  October 12 2011, Richard Dawkins was scheduled to speak at Wyndgate Country Club in Rochester Hills, MI-an event  to discuss his book .

Unfortunately once Wyndgate’s owner, Larry Winget, got wind of Dawkins’ appearance on O’Reilly Factor, Dawkins’ event was cancelled.  Country Club got wind of Dawkins’ appearance, Local Atheists who plopped down $95 per plate to hear Dawkins speak looked forward to the event. Continue reading

TV ONE Network: Accurate Portrayal of an Atheist?

This past Friday TV One, an African American cable network, aired an episode on its show ‘Belle’s’ that highlighted one of the main characters, Jill, meeting a man named Jack.  Cute right?  Anyhoo,  Jack and Jill proceed to date for two months without incident.  After two months of dating Jill decides it’s time Jack meet her family over dinner at the family restaurant, Belle’s.  

Sean Sherman on Guns, Shootings and Mental Illness

Sean, a member of MAM has a blog with awesome content called Godless In Detroit.  His blog has quickly climbed into my top 5 favorite blogs.  The last time I read his blog, Sean provided an interesting perspective on guns, shooters behind mass killings and mental illness.  America has become divided on the issue of gun control.  Read Sean’s post… I hope you enjoy ite post as much as I did. Continue reading