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It’s Official!! It’s ‘A’ Week!!

It’s that time again!! ,  IT’S ‘A’ WEEK!!!!  What’s ‘A’ Week about, you ask?  Great question-it’s an annual online event that raises awareness to show just how many people are ‘good without gods.’ Continue reading

Atheist Discrimination Suit in MI: SETTLED!!

Two years ago on  October 12 2011, Richard Dawkins was scheduled to speak at Wyndgate Country Club in Rochester Hills, MI-an event  to discuss his book .

Unfortunately once Wyndgate’s owner, Larry Winget, got wind of Dawkins’ appearance on O’Reilly Factor, Dawkins’ event was cancelled.  Country Club got wind of Dawkins’ appearance, Local Atheists who plopped down $95 per plate to hear Dawkins speak looked forward to the event. Continue reading

Atheists of Color-A List…

If you’ve been on the Atheist scene for at least a couple of years then you have probably heard of blogger/activist Greta Christina.  Adding to an already full plate, Greta Christina compiled a list called Atheists of Color-A list. Continue reading