Day of Solidarity for Black Nonbelievers…

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Sunday, February 24, 2013, 8:00 AM
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

In keeping in the spirit of Black History Month, February 24th is acknowledged as Day of Solidarity for Black Nonbelievers. Before this meetup is misconstrued, this meetup is open to all members. Also, meeting at Charles H. Wright Museum was borne from speaking with MAM member, Jim Dixon at our last meetup-thanks Jim!!  Admission is $8, if someone has trouble paying, please let me know.  For more information about Charles H Wright Museum, click here.

Per author, Donald Wright:

“The Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers (DoS), held annually on the fourth Sunday in February, must be embraced beyond the events that take place in cities across the nation on that day. It must be used to build genuine communal relationships. It must be used to launch a wave of activism among blacks in America and other people of color as we strive to openly embrace our non-theist status in an ethical and dignified manner. Those that accept this call to activism must garner enough interest to create and support opportunities that will motivate those who have so far remained dormant except for an occasional message via email, Twitter, blogging, or postings on Facebook. This Day of Solidarity event is an effort to bring them out from behind those high tech media devices and other locations that keep them inconspicuous.”

This is an attempt to bring black nonbelievers OFF the internet and out meeting like minded individuals. Members, if you know of African American non believers who don’t get out and mingle with other freethinkers-please share this meetup with them-thanks!


**As always I’m available: 313.467.0260,**