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Brandon White: Courage in the face of hate

By now most of you may have heard of Brandon White.   You know, the young man in Atlanta who was beaten by 3 men for being…himself.  And by that he was abused for wearing skinny jeans and being gay.  In viewing the video, it was difficult to watch in entirety.  So, the video was over the course of three days.  Shocking, disbelief, anger…words can’t describe the feelings as the crime played out on the monitor.

There was laughter as a person, a HUMAN BEING was ambushed and beaten.  Is this what we’ve come down to…living life as SAVAGES without remorse?  Imagine the clenched stomach as you watch the video helplessly, as a perpretator crosses the street and drops a TIRE atop of Brandon.


Brandon, 20, remained quiet about the incident-until he learned the goons posted the crime online…first viewed on WorldStarHipHop.com.  He decided he had nothing to be ashamed of and if the men were that bold to put the spectacle online, he’d be even bolder and come forward and speak about his harrowing ordeal.

Posting the act online was meant to be at Brandon’s expense, however, the video is now helping solve the crime!    At the time of this post, 18 year old Christopher Cain has been arrested-two other suspects have been identified.  Additionally, there is a reward of $10,000 being offered.  Have you ever been victimized because you’re different?  What happened? How do you feel about Brandon’s ordeal?