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LL Cool J Prays at the Grammy’s: It’s not ok…

I watched (some of it) The Grammy Awards show when it aired, this past Sunday.   Normally, it’s not part of my viewing schedule, but my job played a part in the airing of the event so…I watched.  Had no idea LL Cool J was hosting the event, but hey, whatever,  singer Adele  was the deciding factor in watching the show.

Imagine the surprise after viewing this:

Now, it’s no secret LL Cool J has always been outspoken about being Spiritual.  However,  I wasn’t made aware on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Meetup that  there was going to be church at the Grammy’s.   Having been part of The Church and all of its pomp and circumstance…I’m perplexed as to why LL decided to read his letter to god,  pray  for Whitney Houston (who allegedly passed away from [rumor] a deadly combination of prescription drugs and alcohol) at the Grammy’s.  If what LL said was heartfelt, why didn’t he read his letter to god,  pray to his god the same day he heard of Whitney Houston’s death?  Why did he not challenge  his god  by asking, why did he allow Whitney to ingest alcohol and prescription medication (allegedly) which resulted in her untimely demise?

Am I upset…mmm, no. Insulted is more appropriate.  Insulted that it’s assumed every viewer is christian. Insulted it’s assumed everyone wanted to watch listen to LL read his letter to god, pray.  I didn’t want to hear it, and many of my associates didn’t either.  There are a gazillion channels on my U-Verse I could’ve chosen had I wanted to hear ‘vain babblings.’  Living in Detroit, there’s an unending supply of churches I could’ve snuck into had I wanted to amuse myself  with futile words.  The LAST place I expected to hear such nonsense was on CBS during Prime Time!

That minute and a half could’ve been used to acknowledge the passing of legendary greats Etta James, Don Cornelius, and other celebrities who weren’t mentioned.

LL, instead of reading a letter to an imaginary friend,  how about putting your money where your mouth is  (and the celebrities who cosigned the prayer)  and BE THERE in word and deed for Whitney’s 18 year old daughter,  Bobbi Kristina?  Bobbi K has been hospitalized twice since her mother’s passing.  After Whitney’s death is old news and the entertainment industry has found another celebrity to gossip about, Bobbi Kristina will still be in the trenches navigating her way through the mourning period.  Will you and the rest of the celebrities be there for after the lights have dimmed, the mic is turned off, and the make up is removed?

Whitney Houston was a great, but troubled entertainer, but surely ou could’ve used your time more wisely…right, LL??

I know, I know…you’ll read another letter to god, pray on it.

What are your thoughts? Was it ok for LL Cool J to pray at the Grammys? If your answer is yes, why?