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Dana Loesch: Her Looks Are Deceiving

She’s 33, she’s beautiful, and she’s associated with the Tea Party Movement.

She is Dana Loesch and women she has an opinion on how you should govern your bodies!

Did you read she’s affiliated with the Tea Partyers?

Today, Twitter was aflutter with a particular audio file getting a serious workout via RTs. It was of particular interest because topic was abortion.  The audio was juvenile, so ignorant and desperate at best-that all anyone could do was laugh.  Dana Loesch’s argument ….women who choose abortion are ‘Ageist…Bigots.’   Listen as Dana describes how she believes women has the right to choose…which store to buy their birth control from, because sex-it’s a planned act.

Naturally, victims of rape were omitted from Dana’s equation.

But then again had this been a perfect world and chivalry was still important to society, rapists would give their victims…AT LEAST a two week notice-so that the victim, in anticipation of the mental and physical trauma that’s due her,  could choose the store of her choice (will it be Target or will it be Walmart?) and load up on prophylactics!

Luckily for the woman, if it’s an ‘honest rape‘ (because the dishonest rapes are so much more frequent, you know)…Ron Paul has given his approval to abort.  Gee thanks, Ron.

Listen to Dana (below) as she speaks her gibberish so there isn’t dead air-..what are your thoughts?

Don’t forget to check out a blog that’s dedicated to Dana’s lies, called Dana’s Busted! lol

In The Name of Atheism…We declare you..UNBAPTIZED!

I know many religious people.  Friends, family members-may  not understand why I’m Atheist but they love me anyway and vice versa.

I’d like to think I’m open-minded and non-judgmental, but this latest antic by the religious right- there’s always that one story-leaves me puzzled.  Now that I think of it, last week I experienced a similar puzzlement when I viewed the video in which ‘he that is now known as ‘Royalty [formerly known as Bishop] Eddie Long‘- was deemed ‘King’ by a man who’s passing himself off as a rabbi named Ralph Messer. Update: Since the ‘king ordination’ debacle, Long aka the ‘Toupee Still Liveth’-has since apologized to the jewish community for the ludicrous display of ridiculousness)

But, I digress…the latest religitard to further confirm why Atheism is such an awesome conclusion is 2012 Republican presidential candidate, (Willard) Mitt Romney.  It seems that Mitt was not satisfied with his deceased father-in-law, Edward Davies (Mitt’s married to Davies’ daughter, Ann), stance as an Atheist . Mr. Davies was not the average (tee hee) nice, quiet Atheist-nooo, according to Gawker.com, Mr. Davies ‘was a committed Atheist who insisted on raising his children without religion.’  Mr. Davies also ”thought of religion as “drudgery and hogwash,”according to Boston Globe. His son Roderick told the paper that Davies “considered people who were religious to be weak in the knees.”

Oh how I wish I could’ve shaken his hand or at least fist-bumped him.

Well, since Glove, Mitt (whatever his name)  was unsuccessful in converting his father-in-law to Mormonism (as he’s successfully done with most of Davies’ immediate family) while alive-he thought he’d use his LSD powers and convert him…POSTHUMOUSLY, ie, fourteen months after Davies’ passing.

Baptizing the dead is common among Mormons.  Three years ago, The Washington Post reported contention between Jews and Mormons. It seems that ’a few Jewish geneologists found the names of thousands of Holocaust victims in the official LDS index of posthumous baptisms.’  In other words, the Holocaust victims did NOT give Mormorns permission (pre or posthumously) to baptize them!

“Baptism for the dead” is a central tenet of the Mormon faith. Mormons believe that when they die they will be reunited with family members who were faithful Mormons. Thus, church members have a solemn obligation to identify the deceased — especially those who weren’t Mormons — and baptize them by proxy to give them the option of accepting Christ and becoming Mormon in the afterlife.

How condescending.

If one can be baptized posthumously, then it stands to reason, one can be UNBAPTIZED posthumously.  Not one to be outdone…comedian, political commentator Bill Maher did just that, on his show, Real Time.  Check out the video below:

How do you feel about people having their thoughts, views changed without permission, posthumously??